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Natural Energy Gels

Development supported by British Cycling

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Why the Great Britain Cycling Team uses Healthspan Elite Energy Gels

Quillan Isidore, Milly Tanner and Jody Cundy from the Great Britain Cycling Team talk to Healthspan Elite about how they use Elite Energy Gels during training and competition, if they like the taste and how the gels help their performance.

The Energy Gel range


"The gels are a great option to get fuel in on the bike, top up energy levels and provide a quick release of energy for an explosive effort."

Georgina Impson Davey, Nutritionist, British Cycling
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British Cycling logo and Passion Fruit energy gel pack

● 25g fast-acting carbs

● Fluid, light consistency

● No need for water

● Natural flavours

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British athletics logo with energy gels

"Gels are regularly used by the players as a convenient source of fast acting carbohydrate to support the high intensity demands and maintain concentration throughout a match."

Dan Ellis, Lawn Tennis Association Nutritionist
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Citrus gels with LTA logo

"It's a simple and easily absorbed way of boosting energy supply and electrolytes – which helps performance immensely."

Kat Darry, All Blacks Nutritionist
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All blacks logo with Apple and Blackcurrant energy gels