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Expert Insight Centre

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Dietary advice
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Dietary Advice

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Nutrient Guides
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Nutrient Guides

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Training advice
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Training Advice

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Featured insight

Beta-alanine: practical benefits for athletes

Nutrient Guides: Nigel Mitchell, Performance Nutritionist, provides an overview of beta-alanine, including the history of the supplement and how it can benefit athletes.

Omega 3 benefits for athletes: Not all fatty acids are the same

Nutrient Guides: Performance Nutritionist and author of The Plant-Based Cyclist, Nigel Mitchell, takes a closer look at the benefits of omega 3 for athletes.

What is quercetin: a guide for athletes

Nutrient Guides: Nutritionist Rob Hobson explains what quercetin is, how it may help exercise performance, how you can get it from your diet and the role of supplements.

The performance benefits of cherry juice for athletes

Dietary Advice: Nigel Mitchell, Leading Performance Nutritionist, explains the benefits of using cherry juice in sport.

Latest insight

Video Series: Becoming a Black Fern

Healthspan Elite looks behind the scenes of New Zealand's Black Ferns, to get an insight into the motivations of the players and the challenges they face.

Energy gels: what are they and how should you use them?

Nutrient Guides: Performance Nutritionist Nigel Mitchell takes a deep dive into energy gels to see how they can help an individual reach their sporting and exercise goals.

Creatine: use in sport and exercise

Nutrient Guides: What is creatine, how is creatine used in sport and are there any side effects? Wendy Martinson OBE, Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist, explains.

Nottingham Forest FC: Training vs match day nutrition

Dietary Advice: Nottingham Forest FC's Nutritionist and Head of Sports Science team up to explain the role of diet and nutrition in the players' training and match preparation.

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Expert Panel

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Featured videos

video series

Becoming a Black Fern

Healthspan Elite looks behind the scenes of the Black Ferns: the most successful team in women's rugby.
Watch now
Black Ferns running and jumping over opponents

Iwan's essential supplements

British 400m record holder and Olympic silver medallist Iwan Thomas shows you his favourite supplements.
Watch now
Iwan Thomas headshot

Nutrient guides

Expert Insight Centre

Healthspan Elite works with world-class sports nutrition researchers and practitioners to help keep up to date with the latest in sports nutrition insights.

PEA: The CBD alternative for athletes

Nutrient Guides: For athletes who can't take CBD due to the trace amounts of THC it can contain, palmitoylethanolamide, or PEA, is a potential alternative.

The role of collagen supplementation in nutrition strategies

Nutrient Guides: Wendy Martinson explains the role of supplementing type I and type III collagen in sports for maintenance and repair of connective tissues.

Probiotics for athletes: a brief look

Nutrient Guides: Wendy Martinson, performance nutritionist, explains how probiotics could be beneficial to the human gut and athletic performance.