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Southampton FC: nutrition for elite football

Alek Gross, Southampton Football Club's Head of Sports Science and First Team Fitness Coach, talks to Healthspan Elite about the players' nutrition plans on and off season, how they're tailored to individual squad members, and how nutrition plans differ on match day.

Video timeline

00:00 Introduction
00:06 How do you come up with nutrition plans?
01:06 How many individual plans are there?
02:02 Are supplements tailored to each player?
02:52 What are your views on UEFA's nutrition recommendations for elite football?
04:06 Are there any parts of the guidelines that you find particularly useful?
04:28 Are there any parts of the guidelines you would modify?
04:52 During your 8 years at Southampton, how much has changed in terms of players' dietary requirements?
06:32 Does your nutrition plan differ on training and match days?
07:56 What is the role of supplements in the players' nutrition?
10:26 How do you make sure your nutrition plans are followed during the football season?
13:26 Do the players still follow your nutritional guidelines off season?
15:36 How do you work with other nutritionists when players are taking part in international competitions?