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Elite new products range

New Products

Healthspan Elite works closely with our Expert Panel and Official Partners to ensure we remain at the forefront of advancements in sports nutrition. This allows us to supply athletes and sports practitioners with the best quality and most innovative supplements available to support health and performance.

Levagen+ Sport (PEA)

It's no surprise that CBD's health benefits appeal to athletes, but CBD supplements present a risk to competing athletes and will never carry the Informed Sport seal of approval. Levagen+ Sport is 100% safe for athletes, so is the perfect alternative.
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Veg-Omega 3

There is a growing trend in the number of athletes choosing to follow a plant-based diet. However, this can make it difficult to obtain beneficial levels of omega 3. Formulated using natural marine microalgae. Veg-Omega 3 is a convenient solution.
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40 Winks Protein Hot Chocolate

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. The ultimate overnight recovery hot chocolate, including 18g of ‘slow-release’ casein protein blend, L-Theanine, 5-HTP and added vitamins and minerals to aid protein synthesis. Delivered in tamper-evident sachets.
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40 Winks Protein packshot on green field