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Healthspan Elite Partnership: Nottingham Forest FC

Nottingham Forest logo



Healthspan has been supplementing the health and performance of Nottingham Forest FC for many years, providing them with products from Healthspan Elite, its sports nutrition brand.

Healthspan takes advantage of more than 25 years of expert-led product development and the latest research to cater to the needs of high-performance athletes, and entered into a partnership with Nottingham Forest FC in 2017.

Nottingham Forest FC supplements

Nottingham Forest FC uses a range of supplements from Healthspan Elite, including vitamins and minerals to prevent micronutrient deficiencies, such as Gold A-Z Multivitamin and Vitamin D3 1,000iu, along with High Strength Omega 3 for immunity. On training and match days they use Ultimate Whey and Mass Gain protein powders, Creatine, and Beta Alanine to aid recovery. Players are also offered Plant-Based HiLo Protein Bars.

Healthspan Elite and Nottingham Forest FC

First Team Nutritionist Panos Markakis says: "Healthspan's supplements range has helped us support the athletes' health, body composition, and their ability to train hard, recover quickly, and avoid or recover from injury."

What is Nottingham Forest FC?

Established in 1865, Nottingham Forest Football Club is renowned as one of the most ground-breaking clubs in English football.

The club is credited with being the first English side to wear shin guards, and took part in the first match where the referee used a whistle, while also being the first team to adopt the red colour, making the club 'The Original Reds'.

In 2022 Nottingham Forest FC returned to the Premier League: the top tier of English football.

Find out more about Healthspan Elite's official partners, or about our Expert Panel of world-class sports nutrition researchers and practitioners.

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