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06 August 2021

Creatine: use in sport and exercise

Wendy Martinson OBE, Registered Dietitian and Performance Nutritionist, explains what creatine is and how it's used in sport, outlines any potential side effects, and shares an example of dosing strategy.
Woman holding back wearing athletic wear, blurred background of hills and sun

19 May 2021

Beta-alanine: use in sport and exercise

How is beta-alanine used in sport, what effect does it have on the body and are there side effects? Wendy Martinson OBE, Performance Nutritionist, explains.
Man training in gym

18 July 2019

CLA: Tuning the body for performance

Together with a balanced diet comprising of essential macro and micro nutrients, CLA may help to tune the body to perform optimally. Find out how.

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