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"I have to say, the protein is the smoothest I’ve ever had, I tend to have my shakes with water and honestly the consistency of this protein is amazing. In terms of the iron tablets, they’re the smoothest I’ve ever had, I haven’t had any side effects that I’ve had with literally every other iron tablet/supplement I’ve had" - Jade


What's her experience? A PT at Third Space. She's an expert in Event training, Strength & Conditioning, Rehabilitation & Fat Loss

What's her background? Sports & Exercise Science. She's a qualified Sports Therapist, Spin Instructor and Running Coach

What are her goals? To be the best version of herself and hit a squat, bench, deadlift by the end of May

Any challenges? Jade suffers with iron deficiency & anaemia and hopes to kick this to the curb.

Which products is she using? Iron, Vanilla Protein, Energy Gels, Vit D & 3-in-1 Health Essentials