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Doping in Olympic sport

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Before the Olympic Games in Rio, Healthspan Elite hosted a round table discussion covering the issues of doping in Olympic Sport. Here are the video recordings from the discussion.

The panellists debated the use of performance enhancing drugs in athletics and the issues facing the sport ahead of the Rio Games later this year. Panel members discussed the alternatives for athletes looking to gain a competitive edge, through nutrition, training and education.

The panellists discussed a number of issues including:

  • The potential issue of doping in football.
  • How doping can effect clean athlete's outlook towards competition, the role of nutrition and supplementation.
  • The criminalization of doping.
  • The ideal future for Anti-Doping.

The discussion was chaired by David Slemen, MD of Elite Performance Partners and ex professional rugby union player, and featured:

  • Nicole Sapstead, CEO, UK Anti-Doping
  • Kelly Sotherton, Olympic Medalist and Commonwealth Champion
  • Wendy Martinson OBE, Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist
  • Chris Fisher, Head of Healthspan Elite

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