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Max Litchfield: Nutrition tips for up-and-coming swimmers

Healthspan Ambassador Max Litchfield is a British international swimmer, European medallist and Team GB Olympian. Here he talks to Healthspan Head of Nutrition Rob Hobson about his training regime, how important nutrition is to his performance, and the challenges he faces to keep eating well when travelling and competing.

Video timeline

00:00 Introductions
00:19 How did you become an elite swimmer?
01:36 Can you outline your training regime?
04:01 The role of nutrition in performance and training
05:05 When did you decide that you needed to pay attention to nutrition?
08:32 If you don't have access to a nutritionist, where should you get your nutrition advice from?
11:22 What does a typical day's food look like?
14:04 How do you work out how many calories you need to train?
15:44 Does your nutritional regime change during competition?
19:51 What are the challenges you face when it comes to eating well?
22:48 What do you do when you're travelling and the food isn't what you'd ideally want?
25:20 How do you monitor your hydration levels?
27:19 What supplements do you take and why?
30:39 What's your favourite meal to treat yourself?
31:03 Why would you take creatine?
31:23 How much protein should you take for recovery?

Max Litchfield

About Max Litchfield

Max Litchfield is a British International Swimmer and Team GB Olympian.