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Cherry juice: All you need to know

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Cherry juice has only been considered a sports supplement in recent years as the evidence around its benefits for athletes has emerged and continued to flourish. The evidence centres around the 'tart' or 'sour' cherry (Prunus cerasus L) which has been studied most widely in sport due to its high potential anthocyanin (antioxidant) content.

Although cherry juice is widely available in many different forms, it is important to choose a product that is highly concentrated and is free from added sugar, sweeteners, flavouring and colourants.

The potential benefits of cherry juice

Cherries are naturally nutrient dense so in whole fruit form offer a whole host of benefits. In sport, cherry juice is most commonly used as a post-exercise recovery drink.

Cherry juice is rich in melatonin, a natural hormone that helps to control your sleep-wake cycle. Sleep is an integral part of your recovery from exercise and training, and the quality and duration of sleep are closely correlated to a number of performance factors.

Tart cherry's rich antioxidant content also helps to promote muscle recovery and to reduce muscle soreness.

How much cherry juice should I take?

A 30ml portion of concentrated sour cherry juice mixed with 300-500ml of water after exercise should help to promote recovery.

When should I take cherry juice?

The timing of cherry juice intake is still up for debate. Many experts recommend drinking it 30 minutes after exercise to promote muscle recovery, and ideally in the evening to aid sleep.

Elite Performance Cherry juice sachet

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  • Commonly used by professional athletes to aid recovery
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