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Video series: Becoming a Black Fern

What does it take to make it as a member of the most successful team in women's rugby? Healthspan Elite takes a look behind the scenes of the Black Ferns, to give an insight behind the motivations of the players and the challenges they face in Becoming a Black Fern.


Becoming a Black Fern: Sacrifice

In the first of four features brought to you by Healthspan Elite, Black Ferns Kendra Cocksedge, Eloise Blackwell and Ruahei Demant share what Sacrifice means to them in the Black Ferns, and offer an insight into the challenges they have overcome to represent New Zealand.

Find out more about the sacrifices Black Ferns make to be elite rugby players.


Becoming a Black Fern: Culture

What makes Black Ferns culture special? The players share what it's like to be in the Black Ferns environment, and offer an insight into the rituals that bring the team's culture to life.

Find out more about the culture of the Black Ferns and how it helps the players be the best they can.


Becoming a Black Fern: The First Year

From receiving the life-changing news of making the squad, to their first experiences on the team and how they felt at their debut game: the players bring us the highs and lows of their first year as a Black Fern.

Find out more about how it feels to join an elite rugby team for the first time.


Becoming a Black Fern: Progress

Women's rugby has changed dramatically over the past ten years. Get the players' perspective on how the game has progressed in terms of resources, skill and athletic demands, and how they feel about the future of the professional women's game.

Find out more about the history and future of the Black Ferns.

NZ and Australia women's rugby players running