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George Ford and Jonny May: You or Me

Get to know England Rugby players George Ford and Jonny May, as they answer quickfire questions about rugby and each other.

00:00 Introduction
00:19 Who has been playing rugby the longest?
00:52 Who is the fastest?
01:00 Who is more likely to fumble the ball?
01:21 Who is the youngest?
01:41 Who gives the best match day advice?
02:14 Who is the funniest?
02:46 Who has been using Healthspan Elite the longest?
03:52 Who is more competitive?
04:45 Who gives the best nutrition advice?
05:23 Who has the best recovery routine?
06:09 Who is the most likely to skip the gym?
07:03 Who gets more stressed?
07:24 Who has had the most injuries?