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Jade Clarke's home training prehab circuit

Jade Clarke
Article written by Jade Clarke

Date published 02 July 2020

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English Netball gold medallist and Healthspan ambassador Jade Clarke shows you her home prehab training circuit, which is important for injury prevention, balance and maintaining ankle strength.

Eyes closed single leg hold

See how long you can balance on a cushion with your eyes closed, and even try single leg squats for a bigger challenge. Repeat the balancing exercise three times for each leg.

Single leg lands

Practice your single leg lands with or without a ball. 10 lands on each leg, repeated three times.

Round the clock

Single leg squat, then tap out as many numbers on a clock face as you can with your other foot, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat three times for each leg.

Calf raises

Double leg calf raise, single leg calf raise, single leg bent leg calf raise. 10 repetitions for each, repeat 3 times.

Isometric ankle strength

Strengthen your ankles with just a cushion and an armchair. Repeat 10 times on both sides of each ankle, holding for 10 seconds each time.

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Jade Clarke

About Jade Clarke

Netballer Jade Clarke became the most capped England player of all time, with over 160 caps, after their gold medal-winning Commonwealth Games in 2018.