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Tottenham Hotspur: diet and nutrition

Emma Tester, Head of Nutrition at Tottenham Hotspur talks about the players diets on training and match days, getting enough nutrients in, injury recovery and energy intake.

00:00 Introduction
00:08 Do player's diets vary between training and match days?
01:38 Match day: what do players typically eat?
03:06 What would players eat at half-time?
03:49 How do you ensure that players have sufficient levels of nutrients?
05:25 What difference can a shortfall of nutrients make to a player's performance?
06:01 How do you rectify a player's nutritional shortfall?
06:31 Do any of your players follow plant-based diets, and how does this affect their nutritional plans?
07:07 How do players maintain their energy levels during a match?
09:01 How does a player's diet need to be changed when recovering from an injury?
10:08 Aside from performance, are there any other areas of health you address through diet?